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Things get bloody when Antifa thugs attack pro-Trump rally in Portland

A mob of Antifa thugs were caught on video attacking Patriot Prayer "Freedom March" demonstrators at a downtown park in Portland, Oregon, Sunday afternoon. Then things got bloody. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

A mob of Antifa thugs were caught on video running across a downtown Portland, Oregon, park Sunday afternoon. Their target? Patriot Prayer "Freedom March" demonstrators, KATU-TV reported — and then things got bloody.

One Antifa agitator was seen leading the charge through the Patriot Prayer marchers — who typically back Republican President Donald Trump — and issuing a flying kick to the pro-Trumper.

Image source: KOIN-TV video screenshot

Here's a video of the Antifas rushing at the pro-Trump group from a different angle:

Things heated way up and other skirmishes were witnessed, but KATU reported little to no police presence to stave off the fighting.

Image source: KOIN-TV video screenshot

The Anitfa contingent shouted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” and burned an American flag, KOIN-TV reported.

Image source: KOIN-TV video screenshot

Pepper spray was deployed — as well as skateboards, journalist Mike Bivins said — for weapons:

And hey! Check out the nifty Antifa sucker-punch in following clip:

Tusitala Toese, 21, told the Oregonian that the Antifas were to blame for the fighting: "We didn't throw the first punch."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

But Nathanael Gonzales — a Mexican-American and an Antifa protester — told the paper he felt threatened and demeaned during the protests. Jose Sanchez was marching with a Mexican flag and said several members of the Patriot Prayer group told him to "go back to Mexico," the Oregonian reported.

There were three arrests, KOIN said.

(H/T: The American Mirror)

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