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Dem lawmaker calls Dana Loesch a 'domestic security threat' — and Twitter responds

A Democratic lawmaker accused Dana Loesch, TheBlaze TV host and NRA spokeswoman, of being a "domestic security threat." But conservative Twitter almost immediately came to Loesch's aid. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.) called TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch a "domestic security threat" in a tweet on Thursday — and conservative Twitter responded swiftly.

"I'm just going to say it. #NRA & @DLoesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can't ignore that," Rice tweeted.

The tweet came as others have criticized Loesch recently for her role as spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association.

Specifically, liberal journalists singled out Loesch for an NRA ad in which she called for conservatives to show a "clinched fist of truth."

More recently, Loesch tangled with liberals on Twitter over her call to "fisk" the New York Times.

New York Times reporter Adam Goldman apparently watched the video and thought that Loesch said "fist" instead of "fisk," leading him to claim that Loesch threatened the newspaper.

Rice joined the group of liberals decrying Loesch on Thursday when she accused TheBlaze TV host of posing a risk to the United States.

But, fortunately, conservative Twitter almost immediately came to Loesch's aid. Here are just a few of the tweets in support of Loesch.

"Wait...for real?" one conservative Twitter user replied. "I'm a paying member of the NRA and that makes me a domestic security threat? Wow. Stunningly myopic from elected official."

Another conservative pointed out that "anyone that objects to the Leftists is a threat to them. They are the largest Entitlement group in the world. I can have this but you can't."

This particular Twitter user was likely referring to the fact that members of Congress are protected by armed Capitol Police officers on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., even as it is nearly impossible for residents of the nation's capital to arm themselves.

Yet another Twitter conservative came to Loesch's defense, saying that Rice "sounds crazy making this claim."

"Dana and the NRA are only a threat to crazy progressive talking points. Try again..." the user tweeted.

Loesch, for her part, took to Twitter Friday morning to mock the Democratic congresswoman over her claim.

"When can I expect to be arrested?" Loesch tweeted.

"Do you have enough secret security to take millions of members into custody," she asked Rice.

Rice has not tweeted again since the Thursday night provocation.

Coleman Lamb, Rice's communications director, said in an emailed statement to TheBlaze on Friday:

The NRA’s message no longer has anything to do with protecting Second Amendment rights. Their leaders and spokespeople are depicting the United States as a country on the brink of civil war, and actively encouraging violence against political activists and the free press. That’s extremely troubling to Representative Rice, as it should be to all law-abiding gun-owners and NRA members. We're not afraid to call this behavior from NRA’s leadership exactly what it is.

Loesch, in a statement, told TheBlaze:

It’s shocking and sad that a sitting congressional member on the Committees for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and Intelligence would publicly accuse me and millions of other law-abiding NRA members of being 'domestic threats.' MS-13 has a foothold in her district and is responsible for recent murders in her area and yet Rep. Rice has harsher words for innocent Americans than she does MS-13. Is Rep. Rice going to arrest us? What can we as law-abiding Americans expect as a result of her reckless accusation?

Loesch went on to call for Rice to resign "as she cannot be trusted with the security of Americans if she believes us all to be threats."

Editor's note: This post has been updated to include statements from Rep. Kathleen Rice's office and from Dana Loesch.

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