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Duck Dynasty star has two words of advice for Trump on Charlottesville

Duck Dynasty star Kori Robertson said that President Trump needs to stop fighting on the Charlottesville controversy, and call out white nationalists more. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson told CNN that she has advice for the president on Charlottesville and it's just two words.

"Stop fighting."

She made the comments in an interview that aired on CNN Thursday afternoon.

"I wish that he would make a change," she told CNN's Jamie Gangel. "I don't want to look at regrets, and say I wish this happened a different way."

"I just know that where we are right now, I feel like - the reason I'm speaking out now is because I feel like President Trump needs to make a change," she added.

President Trump was widely criticized for a series of seemingly contradictory comments on the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a women died during a counter-protest against white nationalists protesting for a statue of Robert E. Lee.

In the first statement Trump made, he appeared to blame both sides of the conflict. After a torrent of criticism, he put out another, much more measured statement that made it very clear the white nationalists bore the brunt of the blame for the violence. But in a third statement made to the press, he went back to his original, more controversial stance that "both sides were to blame."

Korie Robertson spoke her husband's early and vocal support for Trump as a presidential candidate - he spoke at the Republican National Convention.

"Willie was outspoken and supported Trump from the beginning, and I was not. So, we had a lot of discussions about it. And we could agree to disagree, as well," she said.

CNN said her message to Trump was, "stop fighting."

"It's exhausting. Why are you still fighting?" she elaborated. "What are you trying to prove at this point? Let's just come together and be a leader that unifies, that brings people together. And, that's what we need right now. I had hoped that once President Trump got elected, that that's what he would do."

She said that she wanted Trump to speak out more clearly against the white nationalist and other racist groups that supported his agenda.

"I'm not saying that Donald Trump is a racist at this point, but the words he's using is somehow identifying with that group. And somehow they're thinking that he's accepting them," she concluded. "They think that he's speaking on their behalf."

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