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Local Houston news station is live on air when the flood waters come pouring in. Just wow.

Local Houston news station KHOU-TV is flooded live on air. (Image via Tiwtter @KHOUBlake11 screenshot)

As rising rivers and torrential downpours continue to bury Houston and cities in southeastern Texas, local news stations are outside covering the storm live.

That rang true for one Houston news station — until the flood waters came to them.

During a live broadcast

While KHOU-TV, the local CBS affiliate, was broadcasting live to keep their viewers informed of the catastrophic storm raging outside, they began to experience it firsthand in their studio.

When the water began to puddle the studio, they moved their live broadcast to a second-level conference room.

According to KHOU, they have floodgates around their studios, but the flooding from nearby Buffalo Bayou proved too much and too strong to hold back the water.

The flooding eventually became so bad that the station employees had to evacuate.

Devastation for days

Now just a tropical storm, Harvey made landfall as a very powerful category 4 storm late Friday night. It initially brought winds of more than 130 mph with it, ravaging the southeastern Texas coastline.

But the winds weren't the big story — it was the torrential rainfall forecast and flooding concern.

When all is said and done, some areas of Texas will have experienced 3-4 feet of rainfall, possibly even more. Such torrential rainfall is possible because the storm, though now a weaker tropical storm, is essentially stalled just inland. And it will continue to ravage Texas for days to come, possibly through the majority of this week.

Multiple deaths have already been reported, there have been thousands of high water rescues so far and some say the storm is the worst Texas has ever seen.

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