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Rapper's rant says 'white people' are the 'reason why guns are a problem' — then he backtracks

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In a series of inflammatory tweets Monday, hours after the Las Vegas shooting, Rapper Lil B — real name Brandon McCartney — accused "white people" of being the "reason why guns are a problem."

What did he say?

McCartney, to his 1 million-plus followers, wrote, "White people so scared they the reason why guns are a problem if white people put down the gunz [sic] we all be safe but nope! They vilent [sic].

After receiving backlash from his comments, McCartney embarked on a rant comprised of many tweets supporting his theory.

"Lets [sic] talk about how secretly these harmless looking white people with tight pants suits [sic] and glasses are pushing passive violence!" he continued. "Lets [sic] talk about how these suburban 7th heven [sic] looking white people sell drugs in college and are OK with violence on all levels!!"

He added, "The reason why there is such a sterotype [sic] is because of white people this is yall [sic] language and philosphys [sic] LOL!! Stop it! Yall [sic] are violent!"

McCartney then slammed white women specifically, and included Asian and Latino women in the diss.

"White women really scare me the most becuase [sic] they can be true socialpaths [sic]! And yes Latino women and Asian women are fake white! LOL," he wrote.

McCartney said that he believes what he's written to be true because "white people are  really scared," and "frail blonde gifts from God."

He later added that white people should have their own month-long segment on Fox News where they could "talk about how it's they fault of black oppression."

The backtrack

McCartney later in the day seemed to realize the effects of his divisive language and began apologizing for airing his thoughts.

In no fewer than 10 tweets, McCartney said he was sorry with tweets such as, "Once again I reflect on my words this morning... I love you.. God bless everyone in Las Vegas... Lets [sic] not let anger taunt us."

He added, "Who did not like what I said this morning and it effected [sic] them in a negative way? If so I love U and we both must grow love U."

Tuesday morning, however, saw an entirely different version of the rapper, who wrote, "At least I motivated the true race gang haters yesterday to beat they chest and continue to hate! I’m good cuz I love !! Love wins."

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