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Bret Baier explains why Charles Krauthammer has been missing from Fox News for weeks

Fox News' Bret Baier updated his audience on the status of conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, who has been missing from the "Special Report" panel for weeks because of health issues. "He is still in the hospital," Baier said, "making slow steady progress and recovery." (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Fans of conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer have been missing his insights into the daily news for weeks since he's experienced health issues keeping him from Fox News. Anchor Bret Baier updated his condition on Thursday.

Here's Bret Baier updating his audience on Krauthammer's status:

What did he say?

"Before we leave, one quick update," Baier said. "Hundreds of you, literally hundreds have emailed, tweeted, or posted questions to me about the status of our colleague, Charles Krauthammer."

"Charles had a pre-planned surgery his doctors said he needed," he continued. "He expected a speedy recovery but ran into some complications post-surgery."

"He is still in the hospital," Baier added, "making slow steady progress and recovery."

"He desperately wants to come back to the panel as soon as possible," he continued. "Believe me, I speak to or email with his wife Robby almost every day. And I share your thoughts and prayers."

"It will likely be a few more weeks," he said. "And yes, he does get to watch his Washington Nationals first game of the playoffs against the Cubs, tomorrow night, so we're pulling for him."

"And thanks for asking about his status," Baier concluded. "He'll be back here soon I'm sure."

What was the response?

Many of Krauthammer's fans responded with prayers and thoughts of good will via social media.

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