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This 2013 video shows how Weinstein's abuses were an 'open secret' in Hollywood

Comedian Seth MacFarlane made a joke in 2013 that elicited a reaction many say prove that the Harvey Weinstein allegations were an open secret in Hollywood. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Recently unearthed in the wake of the multiple accusations against Harvey Weinstein is a video of Hollywood reporters laughing at a joke made about actresses having to pretend they find the movie mogul attractive.

Here's the video of the joke:

The joke was made by comedian Seth MacFarlane during a ceremony announcing the nominees for that year's Oscar awards.

What does Macfarlane say?

After announcing all the nominees for supporting actress, MacFarlane implies that they owe their fame to pretending to be attracted to the movie mogul.

"Congratulations! You five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein!"

The crowd reaction is mixed, but everyone laughs at the telling quip.

What does this mean?

People are using this video and the audience reaction to show that the alleged sexual harassment by Weinstein has been an open secret in Hollywood that no one talks about, but everyone knows.

Why is this important?

On its own, it's not important, but symbolically it's terribly important. This is the most incisive part of the Weinstein story — how the Hollywood community kept the secret of Weinstein's alleged harassments even while scolding America about feminism and excoriating President Donald Trump for the accusations made against him.

[H/T: Jason at @CounterMoonbat]

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