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Someone leaked this sports site's employee agreement, and it sparked outrage

A former Fox Sports host leaked a copy of Barstool Sports' employment agreement. The founder of Barstool Sports, took offense to the characterization of his company, and defended the contract in the video, (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Elika Sadeghi is a former Fox Sports college football host, and she was offered a job at Barstool Sports over the summer. They offered her a 2-year contract and a good salary, but she turned the job down once she saw the employee agreement they were requiring her to sign.

Apparently, Barstool Sports needs to know up front that no one who works for the organization will ever be offended by, or potentially sue for, racism, sexism, and for some reason, nudity.

Barstool Sports' founder explains

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, took offense to Sadeghi's characterization of his company. In response, he posted a profanity-laced video on Twitter addressing the issue. While he defends the contract in the video, he also claims to have not been aware of it before.


Some other points made in the tirade:

He's glad she turned them down. “She redacted our name, but everyone knows, because she kind of has a big mouth, that we offered her the contract. And she wanted everybody to know that, like, she turned us down. Thank friggin' God, because it would have been a nightmare working with this girl."

She's just drawing attention to herself. “This girl's the biggest fraud. She's trying to make herself part of this story. She said to us that she never had the feeling that we treated anyone with disrespect."

They didn't make the contract so they could sexually harass people. Don't compare them to Harvey Weinstein. “Well, f*** you for making us part of this story. We have nothing to do with this. We're not Harvey Weinstein."

It's basically about dirty jokes. "You can't be offended by eating a** jokes, by 69 jokes, by Jew jokes. You just can't. Because we do it 24/7."

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