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Rand Paul castigates fake conservatives on budget plan - especially two senators

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) ripped into other Republican senators who only pretended to be fiscally responsible but spent beyond the budget plans they touted. (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said that other Republicans were playing accounting tricks with the budget plan, and called them out as false conservatives in an interview Tuesday.

Here's video of his comments:

Here's a transcript of his comments:

"Well here's the thing is, many people have pointed that this could actually be a tax cut," Paul explained, "I actually do advocate a tax cut, I'm fine with a tax cut, and people say well is that fiscally responsible?"

"In the context in believing in spending cuts it would be. And that's what our budget document is, it's a document that represents are we for spending cuts, are we fiscally responsible," he continued. "So I can't vote for one without the other. So I can vote for a big tax cut. I'll vote for almost any tax cut that comes down."

"I'm for stimulating economic growth through a tax cut. But I won't do it and then say I'm also, I don't care about spending," he added. "The budget vote to me is a symbol and a guidepost as to what we are as a party and what we stand for."

"The people like [Sen. John] McCain [R-Ariz.] and [Sen.Lindsey] Graham [R-S.C.] who parade as conservatives that are not really conservative. They need to be called out because they are bankrupting our country by sticking money in the OCO funding [Overseas Contingency Fund] to the tune of trillions of dollars over the last fifteen years."

Neither Republicans or Democrats are conservative

"They are playing a game," he said, "they are playing the public and they are playing us for fools. Why is the deficit always bigger all the time under Republicans or Democrats? Because neither one of them are conservative. And I'm frankly infuriated by the idea that these people will continue to throw wool over the eyes of the American voter."

Calls Lindsey Graham a false conservative

"Lindsey Graham wouldn't know a conservative if he met one, alright?" Paul continued later in the interview. "He's never been a conservative, he's probably a big part of why we have such a massive debt in this country because he is unwilling and unable to be restrained at all on the money he throws at the military."

"So no, I don't consider him to be a conservative," he added, "nor a bona fide Republican critic. I do think though that he's part of the problem."

Will not vote alongside dishonest hypocrites

"So basically what I'm telling Republicans is if you're going to be honest and do what you say, I will vote with you," he explained. "If you're continuing to be dishonest, if you're saying you're for budget caps and then you're putting money in there that exceeds the budget caps, that's dishonest, and it shows hypocrisy and I don't want to be a part of that team."

"And so, Lindsey Graham's the lead cheerleader for that team and I don't wanna be on a team that says we're for budget caps and then immediately evades the budget caps," he concluded.

Is he going to vote no on the budget?

Paul signaled that he's opposed to the budget, but willing to negotiate if they address the overseas military spending that go against his principles as a fiscal conservative.

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