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CNN host tries to bait Gold Star mother into bashing Trump — but she was having none of it

A CNN host pressed a Gold Star mom about the Trump-Gold Star family controversy, but she was having none of it. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A heartbroken Gold Star mother had no intention to play politics on CNN Thursday when a CNN host pressed her to wade into the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and Gold Star families.

What happened?

Sheila and Calvin Murphy appeared on CNN Thursday to discuss their son, 22-year-old Etienne Murphy, who was killed in Syria earlier this year in a vehicle accident.

Show host Alisyn Camerota pressed the Murphys to talk about their son and how their story fits into the major story about Trump and Gold Star families, but the grieving parents made it clear they weren't going to bash Trump.

What did they say?

When asked whether or not they had received a call from Trump, Mrs. Murphy said: "No, I haven’t. I haven’t, but it’s OK. It doesn’t matter if I hear from the White House or not because it’s not really about a call or letter. I just want people to remember my son, Specialist Etienne Murphy, and all the other Gold Star moms, Mrs. Johnson, all those who are grieving. Trust me, none of us want to be in the position, and the worst thing I ever have been called is a Gold Star mom."

Camerota followed up: "I know that you, Mrs. Murphy, you wrote a letter to the White House or the president, I think. What did you want the president to know about your son?"

Mrs. Murphy responded: "I just wanted him to not forget my son. And I actually thank President Trump for ordering the air strike in Syria but it just wasn’t enough to save my child. I have no hard feelings toward anyone because it's not about me."

"I don't want it to be about me or a letter, I want it to be about my child [and all of the other military servicemen and women and their families], and what he stood for and what they're fighting for," she added.

When Camerota asked how people can help, Murphy said she just wants her son back, adding that she doesn't look forward to the sunrise or the sunset because she has so much pain over her lost son.

Mrs. Murphy then read a statement about her son, and said that military members do, indeed, know what they "signed up for" — a reference to comments Trump allegedly made to another service member's family — but they're doing it for all Americans and they should be thanked with the "upmost gratitude and respect."


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