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Family of 10 swarmed in assault by violent juveniles at Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Image source: TheBlaze

A group of violent teenagers swarmed and assaulted a New Jersey family of 10 visiting Baltimore's Inner Harbor during their vacation on Oct. 21.

The family, who wished to remain anonymous, discussed the attack with WJZ-TV.

What did the family say about the attack?

One of the female victims — Stacey — told the station that her husband was knocked unconscious during the attack.

“They swarmed us,” she said. “They hit my husband in the head. They knocked him out ... and then it was just complete bedlam.”

“They punched my nephew in the face and knocked him to the floor,” Stacey added. “My sister went to protect her son, and they were kicking her. I was kneeling with my husband screaming, ‘Somebody help us, why is nobody helping us?'”

Another victim in the attack — a man named Sal — said that if police had been on foot patrol, the incident may not have happened.

“Maybe if there’d been police on foot, those people would never have been congregating there, looking for a fight, you know looking to hit somebody,” he said.

Stacey added, “After this, I can’t sleep at night, seeing what happened over and over again in my head. Seeing my family attacked.”

She said that two family members suffered concussions, while others were afflicted with bruises and scrapes.

The family has vowed not to return to Baltimore's Inner Harbor again.

What did law enforcement say about the incident?

Baltimore City police spokesman T.J. Smith said that this isn't the first time groups of teens have stirred up trouble within the city.

“It’s always groups of them,” Smith said. “Someone in that group starts it, and that’s what we saw in this situation.”

“The disrespect from some of these juveniles is just absolutely unbelievable and stunning,” Smith said of the teens' behavior. “And it should be to society.”

Smith revealed that cops were in the area during the attack, but said that unfortunately, "we can't have cops on every corner in every single block of the city."

According to the Baltimore Police Department, no suspects have been questioned or named in the attack.

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