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Dad stands up to school that assigned sexually explicit transgenderism homework to seventh-graders
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Dad stands up to school that assigned sexually explicit transgenderism homework to seventh-graders

Concerned Christian parent Sirell Fiel of New York shared on Facebook last week a video describing — and condemning — a controversial homework project assigned to his seventh-grade child. The project, Fiel said, graphically detailed transgenderism and gender identity.

At the time of this report, Fiel's post had received more 790,000 views.

What was in the homework assignment?

According to Fiel, the work was wholly inappropriate for schoolchildren.

"Genital reconstruction surgery," Fiel said in the video. "Is that really something an 11-year-old kid should be learning and knowing about? No. I don’t think so."

The homework contained a handout detailing a "genderbread person" and explained what gender identity and attraction meant.

The assignment also listed more than 50 sexual terms and slang words and encouraged the children to study the list for testing purposes.

In his video, Fiel added, "I understand we live in a diverse world, everyone's got their thing and not everyone's going to be the same. But, as we come with our own Christian values, we live by our own expectations and when it comes to teaching our kids certain things, that should be left up to us, not the school districts, not health class in seventh grade, no."

Concluding that the homework assignment was mere "state-funded porn," Fiel added that this type of action is "desensitizing" American children and is "ruining America."

"It's not bad enough that their innocence is being robbed from us through the frickin' news on the TV everyday, they're literally taking the innocence out of our kids everyday with this BS," he added.

Fiel later encouraged other parents to stand with him.

"You gotta stand up with me on this one," Fiel said. "This is well beyond that line that the school needs to be teaching our kids. They are way outside their boundaries."

What happened to the teacher who assigned the homework?

The teacher who assigned the homework, a health teacher at Cambridge Central School north of Albany, New York, was put on administrative leave with pay last week after Fiel's video went viral.

According to WRGB-TV, District Superintendent Vince Canini said that the teacher did not request permission to distribute the homework in question.

"There’s a district policy that certain materials should not be distributed," Canini said. "This is not what we would normally do, and you can be rest assured it will not happen again."

Canini said that the district also agreed with Fiel's analysis that the contents of the homework were inappropriate. He revealed that the information contained in the assignment was provided by a guest speaker and distributed by the health teacher.

Canini revealed that after the district reviewed the packet's contents, the guest speaker was notified that they would no longer speak at the district.

Is there more?

Fiel, last week, shared an update video on Facebook detailing the progress he made in bringing the homework assignment to light.

In the video, Fiel said, "I'm not trying to target gays or trans people ... we're not against them, we're not trying anything to bash them. The whole purpose of my video was ... to bringing awareness to the local parents of my town because material was being brought into our classroom that shouldn't have been. Let's not lose sight of what my message was, because I feel that some people are trying to make it into something it's not."

"We're just trying to put focus where it belongs with material that does not belong in a seventh-grade classroom setting, period," he added.

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