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ICE union says Obama holdovers are sabotaging immigration enforcement, here's how

ICE representatives says that officers feel betrayed by President Trump leaving in Obama holdovers in the administration. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Representatives for immigration officers say that President Trump has "betrayed" them by not weeding out the holdovers from former President Obama's administration.

What are they saying?

"ICE Officers grudgingly admit that the only President they ever endorsed hasn’t kept his word, and many officers now feel betrayed," says the National ICE Council. 

"While officers view the president's position on enforcement as courageous, the Trump administration has left all of the Obama managers and leadership in place," they continued, "tensions are on the rise between Trump's army of Obama holdovers."

Why are they saying this?

A new website has been established to document how the administration of ICE is getting in the way of the officers doing their job efficiently.

Here's how they describe the effort: "The JIC Report is a revolutionary new website that allows employee whistleblowers from within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to communicate directly with the American people in an effort to create public awareness, provide oversight and transparency, and seek an end to corruption and mismanagement within ICE and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)."

How are they being betrayed? 

One example cited how ICE officials were sabotaging efforts to enforce immigration in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, ICE agents were instructed by an official not to wear bulletproof vests in a dangerous neighborhood out of concern that it would offend residents.

[National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers' David] Ward called that "insanity" and said whichever manager made that decision should be removed for "incompetency." He said it will take time for the Trump administration to "weed out" Obama holdovers committed to "the globalism which brought us sanctuary cities and the lack of enforcement of [immigration laws]."

In another example, illegal immigrants were tipped off to ICE operations so that they could escape a sweep.

"... officers in one Utah city are required to give city officials seven days’ heads-up before arresting anyone — and by the time they go to make the arrest, the immigrants they are targeting have taken off, the website says."

Is this an anti-Trump effort?

The JIC website specifically denies it, saying, "This is not an anti-Trump site (ICE employees endorsed the President), it is, however, our only means of correcting an agency that is grossly mismanaged and has no outside oversight."

Here's a Fox News video detailing how ICE officers feel betrayed:

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