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Ann Coulter told Trump he couldn't hire his kids in White House — after Steve Bannon refused

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Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter on Wednesday admitted that she had to be the one to tell President Donald Trump that he couldn't only hire his children to work in the White House — and this was after former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon reportedly refused to do it.

How did this unfold?

New York Magazine on Wednesday published an extensive write-up of author Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," which details reported chaos in both the White House and within the Trump administration.

One excerpt, in particular, zeroed in on a report that Trump, during the presidential transition period, considered hiring son-in-law Jared Kushner as his chief of staff.

According to "Fire and Fury," Trump ended up being on the receiving end of some interesting staffing advice from one of his loudest supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign: Coulter herself.

From New York Magazine:

Trump had no interest in appointing a strong chief of staff with a deep knowledge of Washington. Among his early choices for the job was Kushner — a man with no political experience beyond his role as a calm and flattering body man to Trump during the campaign.

It was Ann Coulter who finally took the president-elect aside. “Nobody is apparently telling you this," she told him. "But you can’t. You just can’t hire your children."

Coulter, in a statement to the Washington Examiner, corroborated Wolff's claim about Kushner and nepotism.

Coulter told the outlet that she did, indeed, advise Trump on this matter, but only after Steve Bannon — among others — refused to do it.

"I tried to get Bannon, [Stephen] Miller, or [Peter] Thiel to tell Trump, but they all said, 'above my pay grade,'" Coulter told the Examiner. "So I told him. I said only Third Worlders become leader of a country and immediately hire their relatives and he’d look like Evita Perón."

Trump eventually ended up appointing Reince Priebus, who was ousted from the position in July 2017, and later replaced with current chief of staff John Kelly.

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