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Drunk intruder kicks in door of wrong home. Owner is waiting for him, armed with shotgun.

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A California homeowner shot and killed a home invasion suspect after the suspect reportedly kicked in the front door of his home.

What are the details?

The suspect, a California man identified as Moana John LogoLogo, 33, broke into a home in Merced Wednesday night while intoxicated.

KFSN-TV reported that the unidentified homeowner reportedly feared for his life as LogoLogo kicked in the door.

Law enforcement officials at the Merced Police Department told KFSN that the homeowner armed himself with a shotgun and opened fire when LogoLogo, who'd gained access to the home, approached him.

LogoLogo was taken to a nearby local hospital, where he died shortly after arrival.

The homeowner, who is in his early 20s, was not injured in the incident, and is cooperating with law enforcement officials in their investigation.

The Merced Sun-Star reported that the suspect was intoxicated during the break-in, and "entered the wrong home," according to police. The Sun-Star noted that the suspect had a history of spousal abuse arrests in addition to other infractions related to drug possession and making threats.

Why did the suspect break in?

Detective Sgt. Curt Gorman told the Sun-Star in a telephone interview that it didn't appear LogoLogo was attempting a burglary, and was instead looking for another person who reportedly lived nearby.

Gorman on Thursday said that police found out who LogoLogo was looking for at the time, but law enforcement officials weren't sure why LogoLogo was seeking the person in question.

"We know who he was looking for now, but we don't know why," Gorman said.

Gorman, who said that law enforcement weren't sure of LogoLogo's motives in kicking in the door of the home, called the action "clearly" suspicious.

"It doesn't appear he was trying to commit a burglary, but, whatever it was, he got the wrong home," Gorman said.

He added that the incident was "very odd" and "unfortunate for everybody involved."

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