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Twitter denies bias after a senior employee insults Trump in undercover video

Conservative media activist James O'Keefe speaks at an event hosted by the Southern Methodist University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, a campus organization, on Nov. 29 on the SMU campus in Dallas. O'Keefe is the founder of Project Veritas, which secretly recorded multiple meetings with Twitter Senior Network Security Engineer Clay Haynes.(Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

An undercover video showing a senior Twitter employee speaking disparagingly about President Donald Trump has led Twitter to clear the air about its objectivity, reports the International Business Times.

What happened?

Members of Project Veritas secretly recorded multiple meetings with Twitter Senior Network Security Engineer Clay Haynes.

In the videos (which were edited), Haynes is heard saying Twitter would be “more than happy to help the Department of Justice in their little investigation,” and that the site could provide the DOJ with Trump’s deleted tweets and direct messages.

Haynes also calls Trump a “terrible human being” and says Twitter won’t stop Trump from tweeting even though he’s “making a complete ass of himself and the country.”

Project Veritas’s intention was to show that Twitter is politically biased. This isn't the first time the organization has failed in a blatant attempt to get a media company to incriminate itself.

Did it work?

Not really. All the video really shows is that one Twitter employee doesn’t like Trump. But what he said about Twitter’s policies didn’t reveal any bias.

When asked to look through Donald Trump Jr. and President Trump’s direct messages: “There’s a reason why we have a subpoena process.” Haynes refused to look without reason and authorization.

When asked if Twitter is working with the DOJ on an investigation: “I can’t comment and even if I knew, I wouldn’t comment.”

When asked what Twitter is doing to stop Trump: “It was not my decision, the decision was that most of the stuff he tweets is completely newsworthy. And so because it’s newsworthy, even though he’s making a complete ass of himself and the country, we have to let those tweets up.”

How did Twitter respond?

“The individual depicted in this video was speaking in a personal capacity and does not represent or speak for Twitter. Twitter only responds to valid legal requests, and does not share any user information with law enforcement without such a request,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

“We deplore the deceptive and underhanded tactics by which this footage was obtained and selectively edited to fit a pre-determined narrative. Twitter is committed to enforcing our rules without bias and empowering every voice on our platform, in accordance with the Twitter Rules.”

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