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New video interweaves liberals bashing tax reform with news of company bonuses and raises

A new video montage interweaves clips of Democrats bashing the tax reform bill and companies making announcements that completely undermine the liberal narrative. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

In the run up to tax reform last year, Republican and Democratic lawmakers pushed their party's talking points on cable TV and at town halls.

Republicans argued tax cuts to both individuals and businesses will help stimulate the economy. Democrats, on the other hand, argued that most of America's wealth is concentrated with the richest Americans and the biggest corporations. Those people and companies, they argued, don't pay their "fair share" and should pay more. Tax cuts, Democrats argued, only help those at the top and won't help the middle class.

Then December rolled around and Congress finally sent a bill to President Donald Trump's desk, where he signed it into law.

The effects were immediate.

Company after company offered bonuses and raises to its employees, directly citing the tax bill lowing the corporate tax rate. Companies also announced reinvestments into their companies and communities to help spur further growth.

According to the Washington Examiner, the list of companies making positive monetary decisions directly citing the tax reform bill has swelled to 164. Overall, it's good for America. Meanwhile, most Americans will see tangible results in their paychecks by next month.

And the Washington Free Beacon reminded Democrats that Republicans were correct: tax cuts do directly help the lower and middle classes and small businesses.

The news outlet released a video on Friday interweaving clips of Democrats and liberal commentators bashing the tax reform bill claiming it won't help most Americans with news clips of companies announcing bonuses and raises for their employees.

Watch the video here:


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