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Megyn Kelly may lose celebrity bookings because 'actors don't trust her' after Jane Fonda spat

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The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday reported that several talent agents are considering backing away from appearing on "Megyn Kelly Today" after the eponymous show host's feud with actress Jane Fonda.

What happened?

A publicist told The Hollywood Reporter that as a result of Kelly's ongoing exchange with Fonda — over plastic surgery allegations, of all things — doesn't instill confidence in booking talent on Kelly's "Today" segment.

"Actors don't trust her," the unnamed publicist reportedly said.

The outlet reported that "multiple" public relations agents echoed those sentiments.

What's the Kelly-Fonda history?

Fonda appeared on "Megyn Kelly Today" where Kelly asked her about plastic surgery reports.

Fonda, apparently wanting to discuss anything else, quipped, "We really want to talk about that?" and shut the discussion on plastic surgery down.

After her appearance on "Megyn Kelly Today," Fonda expressed an apparent displeasure at being asked about plastic surgery.

Fonda told Variety last week that she was "stunned" by Kelly's "inappropriate" question, and criticized her interviewing skills.

"It showed that she’s not that good an interviewer," Fonda said, but explained that she'd be open to appearing on Kelly's show in the future. There was one caveat, however: "If [Kelly] comes around and learns her stuff, sure."

Fonda also poked fun at the incident a second time last week when she appeared on "Today" with Hoda and Kathie Lee, alongside friend and comedian Lily Tomlin.

When Tomlin joked that the two had been friends since before Fonda's first facelift, Fonda quipped, "Who are you? Megyn Kelly?"

By Monday, Kelly had apparently had enough of the joking at her expense, and addressed the issue head-on.

"It's time to address the poor-me routine," Kelly said. "First, some context. Fonda was on to promote a film about aging. For years, she has spoken openly about her joy in giving a cultural face to older women."

Kelly said that she didn't need any advice from Fonda, and later added that Fonda has no business lecturing people on what is and isn't "offensive."

"I have no regrets about the question," Kelly said. "Nor am I in the market for a lesson from Jane Fonda on what is and is not appropriate. After all, this is a woman whose name is synonymous with outrage."

"Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam War," Kelly offered. "Many of our veterans still call her 'Hanoi Jane' thanks to her radio broadcasts, which attempted to shame American troops.

"She posed on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down our American pilots. She called our POWs hypocrites and liars and referred to their torture as 'understandable,'" she continued. "Even she had to apologize years later for that gun picture, but not for the rest of it."

Kelly added, "By the way, she still says she's not proud of America, so, the moral indignation is a little much."

"She put her plastic surgery out there," Kelly continued. "She said she wanted to discuss the plight of older women in America. And honestly, she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive."

Anything else?

This isn't the first time that celebrity publicists have reportedly shied away from booking on Kelly's show.

Variety in October reported that due to an initial dip in ratings after Kelly joined the "Today" franchise, publicists were avoiding booking their clients on her segment of the show.

"I literally haven’t pitched anyone even from right out the gate," one publicist told the outlet, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "The buzz that is out there is so bad."

Another publicist — speaking on behalf of a celebrity who has already appeared on the show — said, "I won’t plan to have others go on. None specifically have been offered or asked to, but it’ll be my preference not to."

"I am in the middle at the moment, leaning towards not booking for now," a third publicist told Variety. "What I have seen so far hasn’t been great. I am open to see how she does and if there is improvement, then I would more likely book. I am just not sure what type of celeb interviewer she is. She’s awkward at the moment."

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