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Scott Baio fires back against actress who claims he sexually molested her when she was a minor

Actor Scott Baio denies the sexual misconduct charges brought against him by actress Nicole Eggert while she was working on the hit TV sitcom, "Charles in Charge." (Image source: Facebook video screenshot)

Actor Scott Baio took to Facebook over the weekend to deny sexual misconduct allegations made against him by actress Nicole Eggert while she was working on the hit TV sitcom, "Charles in Charge" (1984-1990).

Baio, 57, said in a video that the claims are "100 percent false."

What are the accusations?

Eggert posted her allegations on Twitter Saturday, claiming that Baio was guilty of unnamed indiscretions "in his garage" when she was a minor.

The 46-year-old former Baywatch star has made claims at various times since 2012 that Baio molested her between the ages of 14 and 17.

However, at other times, Eggert's claims have featured inconsistent timelines and have at times seemed to exonerate Baio.

"There are a lot of weird, strange rumors about things that went on between us, but we became really good friends and everything was way more innocent than it was made out to be," Eggert allegedly said in a 2012 Yahoo interview.

In another interview with, she claimed that she lost her virginity to Baio "years after" the show went out of production.

What does Baio say?

Baio said Eggert was at least 18, possibly 19 or 20 when the encounter occurred.

“I remember her calling me and asking me to come over and coming in my house one time, and seducing me,” Baio said in the video. “Any normal heterosexual, red-blooded American guy, the outcome would have been the same.”

In 2015, the claims resurfaced again when Eggert was allegedly trying to get a reality TV show.

Baio said he didn't respond at the time because these types of false claims usually go away on their own.

But in November, Eggert went on social media with her allegations.

At that time, Baio said he told Eggert to take her accusations to the police.

She did not report the claims to the police, according to Baio.

And earlier this month, Baio said he was contacted by the "Dr. Oz" show before Eggert was scheduled to appear. She was planning to discuss their relationship.

Baio said his legal team shut that down.

What does Baio's wife say?

Renee Baio, Scott's wife, has stood by her husband and can even be heard in the background of the Facebook video.

She also went on social media to share "proof" of her husband's innocence.

According to the couple, Eggert was a friend of Renee's and has visited the Baio home.

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