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Nancy Pelosi sets record for longest speech - all for this controversial issue

Source: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) broke the record for the longest continuous speech on the House floor since 1909, it was confirmed Wednesday.

Pelosi praises the "dreamers"

Pelosi took to the House floor to talk about "dreamers," the euphemism for illegal aliens that were brought illegally into the country as children.

"Every day courageous patriotic dreamers lose their status, every day the American dream slips further out of reach," she said. "As members of Congress we have a moral responsibility to act now to protect dreamers who are the pride of our nation, and are American in every way but on paper."

"There's nothing partisan or political about protecting dreamers," she continued. "If a Dream Act were brought to the floor, it would pass immediately with strong bipartisan support."

"The Republican moral cowardice must end," she added. "Members of Congress are trustees of the people and of our nation, why are we here if not to protect the patriotic young people who are determined to contribute and to strengthen America?"

Where is the debate on the issue?

President Trump has been very resistant to extending DACA amnesty protections for the dreamers who have already applied, but in negotiating with the Democrats he said he would be willing to allow a pathway to citizenship if he received billions for his border wall.

Democrats balked at the deal which would provide $25 billion for a border wall as well as other enforcement expenditures. Illegal alien advocates have excoriated Democrats for not pushing a government shutdown on the issue - something many lawmakers promised they would do.

Congress has until March 6th to extend DACA protections, or Trump has promised to end the program begun under former President Obama, and begin deportations of former DACA recipients.

Here's the video of Pelosi making her historically long comments:

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