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Feminist social justice' workshop at public university will offer an array of controversial topics

The University of Arizona is planning a March 17 conference that will teach college students, high school students, and the general public about various "feminist" issues. (Image source: Facebook screenshot)

Workshops on "queer sex," gender-neutral pronouns, and "yoga liberation" will be offered at an upcoming “feminist social justice” conference at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

What is the college teaching?

The March 17 Feminist Learning & Liberation Conference will center on discussions about “gender, race, and class,” according to an announcement on its Facebook page. Topics include the #MeToo movement, gender identity, “body positivity,” the Black Lives Matter movement, “preferred pronouns,” and sex education.

In addition to college students, high school students and community members are encouraged to attend, the announcement said.

One of the scheduled workshops is "Sex Ed with Miss Jai." “This workshop is not exclusive to gender or sexual minorities, but the focus will be on queerness in its many forms!” the description reads.

Another workshop is “Yoga for Everyday Liberation,” taught by Leah Stauber, a researcher at the college. The session aims to show that yoga can "sever us from full 'inhabitation' of those physical beings: criticisms of what we look like, how we behave, life choices we've made."

Yoga was recently named to an ongoing list of practices that supposedly promote "white privilege."

“It is not the case that most activists have disavowed yoga and other engaged contemplative practices,” Stauber told Campus Reform, a conservative college news website.

“The core is that ... any time we look within our being (in any sort of contemplative practice, not just yoga) we can identify how our behaviors might be contributing to the suffering of others,” she told Campus Reform. She also said that is a “foundation of social justice.”

Stauber’s stance is that yoga is beneficial to people of “all ages, sizes, identity orientations, and lifestyles,” according to the report.

Another workshop is titled, “Gender 101: What the hell are Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Pronouns?” This workshop is geared toward people who want to “develop foundational knowledge about gender, build awareness around the use of pronouns, and build skills for practicing inclusivity in daily life.”

Although the website does not give examples of politically correct pronouns, dozens are found on the University of Milwaukee's website.

"A gender neutral or gender inclusive pronoun is a pronoun which does not associate a gender with the individual who is being discussed," the website states. One example is using the word "zieself," instead of herself or himself.

How strong is interest in the conference?

Nearly 900 students are interested in attending and 100 students have confirmed they are attending, the conference’s Facebook page shows.

In addition to the conference, the college’s Women’s Resource Center annually recruits unpaid “feminist” interns to address “racism, ageism, and heterosexism on campus, Campus Reform noted.

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