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Planned Parenthood affiliate says 'some men have a uterus' — Ben Shapiro hits back with the truth

A Planned Parenthood affiliate claimed this week that "some men have a uterus." Ben Shapiro, and other conservatives, hit back with the brutal truth. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

A Planned Parenthood affiliate stirred controversy on social media this week when it claimed that men have a uterus.

Scientifically speaking, only women — not men — are born with a uterus and other female reproductive organs, save for very rare genetic conditions that few humans are born with.

What happened?

It all began with Planned Parenthood's Indiana and Kentucky affiliate stated 11 times in a tweet that "some men have a uterus."

The tweet was propagating a popular progressive talking point: that gender is only a social-construct and people who are born one gender can later chose to be the other gender — or no gender at all. To a pro-transgender progressive, women who "become" men have a uterus, hence the tweet.

The tweet quickly garnered a lot of attention and it has remained a discussion point on social media since it was published. As of Saturday evening, the tweet has garnered nearly 70,000 "likes" and more than 27,000 responses.

It was the conservative responses to the tweet, though, that garnered equally as much attention.

What as the response?

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro turned Planned Parenthood's key pro-abortion policy argument back on itself. The organization and politicians they support claim men have no right to discuss abortion policy because they don't have female reproductive parts, yet now they were claiming men do have female reproductive parts.

Shapiro said:

Others piled onto Planned Parenthood.

Conservative writer Matt Walsh:

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey:

Conservative radio host Joe Walsh:

Michael Knowles, the best-selling author of a mostly blank book:

Comedian Owen Benjamin:

The Reagan Battalion:

Actress and conservative personality Jordan Rachel:

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