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GOP senator says his party 'might not deserve to lead' considering how it has backed President Trump

Image source: TheBlaze

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) isn't completely sure that the Republican Party is fit to lead the U.S. after their support of President Donald Trump.

What did he say?

Flake spoke at the National Press Club on Thursday where he blasted Trump — who he called "erratic" — as well as members of the GOP who have, according to Flake, looked the other way when the president has done "profound damage" to the U.S. and Republican values.

"If we are going to cloister ourselves in the alternative truth of an erratic leader, if we are going to refuse to live in the world that everyone else lives in and reckon with the daily reality that they face including the very real anxiety that they feel, then my party might not deserve to lead," he said during his speech.

Flake continued and said that there is "no damage like the damage that a president can do" and

"We have become strangers to ourselves even as we pretend everything is fine," he said of the GOP.

"If one voice can do such profound damage to our values and to our civic life," Flake later added, "then one voice can also repair the damage, one voice can call us to a higher idea of America, one voice can act as a beacon to help us find ourselves once again after this terrible fever breaks."

"And it will break," he promised.

Flake received a standing ovation for his remarks.

Flake, who announced in October that he would not seek re-election in 2018, has been a vocal critical of Trump throughout the presidency, even penning "Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle," which was released in August.

According to The Associated Press, Flake also isn't ruling out a presidential bid of his own.

"It has not been in my plans to run for president, but I have not ruled it out," Flake said, the AP reported Friday.

"I hope that that someone does run in the Republican primary, somebody to challenge the president," he added. "I think that the Republicans want to be reminded what it means to be a traditional, decent Republican."

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