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4th explosion in Austin leaves 2 injured; police tell some residents to stay inside their homes

A fourth device exploded in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, injuring two men. (Image source: KXAN-TV video screenshot)

A fourth explosion in less than three weeks left two injured in Austin, Texas, Sunday night, KXAN-TV reported.

It's "very possible" that a trip wire triggered the device just before 8:30 p.m., according to Police Chief Brian Manley.

It isn't yet clear if the latest blast is related to three separate package bombs that exploded earlier this month, but investigators are treating it as if it is connected, Manley told reporters during a news conference.

Both of the injured men are said to be in good condition at a local hospital, according to KXAN. In all, two people have been killed and four more injured during the series of bombings.

What happened?

Two men in their 20s were riding or pushing their bicycles in their southwest Austin neighborhood when the bomb exploded, KXAN-TV reported.

What's different about this bomb?

The latest device was left next to the road, whereas the first three devices were packages were found on the front porches of homes.

Sunday's device may have been triggrered by a trip wire, whereas the others were package bombs.

Also, the latest victims were white, whereas the previous victims have been black or Hispanic.

What do police say?

Residents have been told to stay inside their homes until police can sweep the residential subdivision in southwest Austin and make sure it is clear of devices.

"If you have an emergency and you need to get out of your residence, please call 911 and let us know what your address is so we can come in and safely escort you out of the neighborhood," Manley said.

Hundreds of FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents are assisting Austin Police with the investigation.

Police are also urging all Austin residents to "have an extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place. And do not approach it," KXAN reported.

What else?

The explosion happened less than 12 hours after authorities called for those responsible for the previous bombings to turn themselves into the police.

"We want to understand what brought you to this point and we want to listen to you," Chief Manley said.

Authorities have increased the reward to $115,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect or suspects.

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