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‘Roseanne’ star ‘can’t understand’ why white women voted for Trump, suggests they were jealous of Hillary

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Nearly two years after the fact, "Roseanne" actress Sarah Bernhard still simply can't understand why white women voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Her thoughts? America's white women must feel inferior when compared to former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

What did she say?

Bernhard spoke with MSNBC's Ari Melber, to whom she detailed her struggles with understanding the mind of the female Trump voter.

"Can't understand it," she told Melber when he broached the topic of "white women for Trump."

She added, "Don't know where it comes from," and went on to detail her suppositions.

"I think it's being either under the thumb of your husband or, for the election, it was being so offended by Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's legacy that you turned on her," Bernhard explained. "Or feeling inadequate, feeling like how can somebody be so educated? How can somebody who brought themselves up from their experience and gone to the top? Educated herself, fought for rights, civil rights, and equality."

The actress noted that she feels Clinton's professional experience is "threatening to a lot of women."

In response, Melber asked, "How do you mean? Threatening to the deals they have made in their life?"

"Yeah," Bernhard admitted. "A lot of women have compromised, given in, raised their kids and not had the luxury of being able to think for themselves."

"When you sacrifice that in your life and say 'I don't think I'm going to lean on somebody else financially,' that means you've got to get up every day and go work," she explained. "I am not saying that none of these women work. Of course they do. But you also — there's just those little gradations of how you look at other women and the sort of feeling you have of inadequacy."

Anything else?

The new "Roseanne" reboot has received a tremendous response, and drew in over 18 million viewers for its Tuesday premiere.

The show did so well that Trump phoned actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the premiere's success as well as thank her for her political support.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that the call took place, according to the New York Times.

Barr, who spoke with George Stephanopoulos on Thursday's "Good Morning America," revealed some of the contents of the phone call, explaining that the president is simply "happy" for her.

"We just kind of had a private conversation but we talked about a lot of things and he’s just happy for me," she said.

She added that she's known Trump for "many years," and he's been a man who's done many "nice things" for her over the years of their friendship.

"It was just a friendly conversation about working, and television, and ratings," Barr noted.

Barr explained that today's culture has seemed to do away with the ability to "agree to disagree."

"I really hope that [the show] opens up civil conversation between people," she explained, "instead of just mudslinging."

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