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Ingraham returns to Fox after boycott: ‘Intolerant’ left shaping young minds to stifle free speech

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham returned to her hosting duties on Monday's "The Ingraham Angle," and she didn't shy away from confronting the liberal-inspired boycotts that have successfully chased off some of her advertisers.

What's the background?

Monday marked Ingraham's first television appearance since engaging with Parkland, Florida, student David Hogg over his recent college rejections. Fox News said Ingraham was on spring vacation last week.

Many sponsors and advertisers jumped ship on Ingraham's show at Hogg's prompting after Ingraham tweeted that Hogg was whining over the colleges that did not grant him admittance.

Hogg said that Ingraham should "stand down" in response to her apology.

So what is she saying now?

Ingraham made no apologies during Monday's show.

Instead, she tackled the "Stalinist" actions of the left who appear to want nothing more than to issue a gag order on free speech.

"The left’s propaganda shaped a new generation of young adults," Ingraham said.

She said that "safe spaces" and terms like "white privilege" have been used to "intimidate those who disagree" with the left.

Despite all the left's talk of inclusivity, Ingraham said that they "don't invite more voices to enter public discussion."

"Generations later, the chilling effect on free speech and the workplace in the media, and in society at large is palpable," Ingraham explained, noting that circumstances may even be worsening.

Ingraham went on in what appeared to be a direct jab at the boycotts spawned by Hogg's demands, noting that expressing your opinions in today's day and age can get you fired.

"Or, yes, you can get boycotted," she added.

Ingraham went on to illustrate her point by bringing up a 2016 incident in which Trump supporters were assaulted in California.

"This is the intolerant left in action," Ingraham declared. "Whether it’s striking voices from social media, or driving certain viewpoints from the airwaves. Beating people up, organizing boycotts for perceived unforgivable offenses, or preventing speakers from being heard on a college campus, it’s all coming from the same place: a desperate desire to stop debate by branding your opponent unacceptable and driving him or her from the public square."

"Their efforts are Stalinist, pure and simple," she later added. "Their objective is a total transformation of American society, not through rational discourse and open debate, but through personal demonization and silencing."

Ingraham went on to issue a dire warning for even those who don't consider themselves conservatives.

"True liberals and conservatives should defend the free speech anywhere and everywhere because the tables can turn quickly," Ingraham said. "Today it's conservatives being targeted. Tomorrow it could be left of center voices as well."

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