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Democrats would be foolish to embrace James Comey, says John Podhoretz - here's why

Conservatie columnist John Podhoretz opined that Democrats would be foolish to embrace James Comey, the former FBI director, because he had revealed himself to be a "bad actor" in his highly anticipated interview Sunday evening. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Conservative columnist John Podhoretz said that the left would be foolish to embrace James Comey, former FBI director, after the broadcast of his highly anticipated interview on ABC News.

Here's what Podhoretz said:

"I do think that Democrats are being foolish if they take Comey in completely," Podhoretz said on MSNBC Monday.

"The Stephanopoulos interview, I haven't read the book," he continued, "but the Stephanopoulos interview shows a series of, I think, extraordinary blunders on Comey's part, in Comey's own telling, in which he self-aggrandizingly arrogated to himself the role of speaking to the American people about whether or not Hillary Clinton should or should not have been indicted."

"He should have indicted her or not have indicted her, if he wasn't going to indict her, then he should have released a one sentence statement that said the issue was closed," Podhoretz added. "By doing that, then he has another dark night of the soul around October 28th, and swings the election."

"I think to embrace the man whose behavior, I think, shamefully had a political effect that he no right to intervene in, I think it's a bad play, I'm sorry, I just think he's a bad actor and exposes himself as a bad actor," he concluded.

Here's video of Podhoretz on MSNBC:

Podhoretz has been an outspoken critic of Trump from the right, but many have criticized Comey, who has become himself an enemy to the president, for his actions that may have skewed the election, and his comments since.

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