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Parkland student calls for confiscation of all semi-auto guns — then she gets hit with fact check

Emma Gonzalez calls for the confiscation of all semi-auto firearms and claims mass shooting only happen in America. Then she gets hit with a fact check. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It didn't take long for famed-student Emma Gonzalez, from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to use Sunday's massacre at a Tennessee Waffle House to blast the National Rifle Association and guns while advocating for more gun control.

But her statement didn't hold up to facts — and she was called out for it.

What did she say?

In a series of tweets, Gonzalez, who became the face of gun control after the tragic shooting at her school, attacked the NRA and called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic firearms.

She also warned that "mass shootings occur in churches, in schools, at concerts, in waffle houses — just about anywhere. Except in other countries."

Now the fact check

It was Gonzalez's claim that mass shootings do not happen in other countries that earned her a fact check from Ryan Saavedra, a reporter for The Daily Wire.

In fact, mass shootings do happen in other countries, including the top six most deadly shooting massacres in history, Saavedra explained:

Did other Parkland students chime in?

Yes. Other prominent MSD students, such as Delaney Tarr and Jaclyn Corin, tweeted about the Waffle House massacre to bring attention to gun control or blame it on AR-15s.

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