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Viral video shows kids' confused, upset reactions to liberal parents' teachings on 'gender fluidity
Image source: YouTube screenshot

Viral video shows kids' confused, upset reactions to liberal parents' teachings on 'gender fluidity

A video featuring parents explaining the concept of "gender fluidity" to their children is quickly gaining viral status.

"Gender fluidity," according to CNN, is when "gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine" and "can be displayed in how we dress, express, and describe ourselves."

Why was this video made?

The video, which was shared on YouTube on May 4, has received more than 100,000 views and was produced by Cut, which is a digital website with video clips on important modern day topics.

Cut says its "Parents Explain" segment is about having hard discussions with your children.

"Sit down. We need to have a talk. Brave parents and their curious kids confront some of life’s biggest — and most awkward — lessons," a description for the web series says.

Cut has also produced other family-oriented videos such as "Parents Tell Kids How They Lost Their V Card" and "Parents Explain Masturbation."

What's in the video, anyway?

In the video, several parents can be seen asking their children what they think the term "gender" means.

In one segment, a young boy asks his mother how many genders exist. When she answers "Infinity," the boy, who is sitting next to his brother, looks shocked and terribly confused.

"Is this confusing?" the mother asks, smirking.

The little boy tells his mother that it is, and his brother adds, "Very."

She attempts to explain to the young boys that "there are people who don't really identify as a boy or a girl."

"They are in that middle space," the mom says. "So you could be superwoman, like really girly, or super manly. Then there are probably a lot of us who are just kind of floating somewhere in the middle."

More blank stares.

The same mother, earlier in the video, asks her two sons to describe what they think "boy things" are.

One of the boys answers, "Strong, fearless." Mom is sure to shut down that notion of "toxic masculinity," however, when she — an adult — makes him — a child — arm wrestle her.

(She won, obviously.)

Another woman, this time the parent of a little girl, tells her daughter that she plans to undergo surgery in a bid to apparently remove her breasts.

When the mom asks the little girl how she feels about this, the young girl is clearly visibly uncomfortable, and says that the idea is "a lot scary."

A father also asks his daughter how she knows she's not a boy.

Clearly flummoxed, the girl answers, "You just know. You shouldn't have to think twice."

You can see the rest of the interactions in the video below.

Anything else?

Christian family group, Focus on the Family, issued a statement about the video to The Christian Post. Jeff Johnston, an issues analyst for the organization, told the Post that Christian parents should talk with their children about transgender issues sooner rather than later.

"The subject can't be avoided, so we encourage parents to be prepared and have a plan for addressing this with their children," Johnston said. "Parents can lay a foundation of truth with their children even before they encounter transgender ideology. Moms and dads can begin by teaching basic biblical truths about God's good design for humanity, explaining that God created humans male and female in His image. Both are good; both are valuable — but they are distinct."

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