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Man opens fire inside Oklahoma City restaurant, before being killed by an armed citizen

A man opened fire in a packed restaurant in an Oklahoma City on Thursday, and was killed by an armed citizen as he tried to flee. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A suspect opened fire inside an Oklahoma City restaurant Thursday evening, before an armed citizen put an end to the assault by shooting back and killing the perpetrator.

Police said, "A man walked into the Louie's restaurant and opened fire with a gun. ... A bystander with a pistol confronted the shooter outside the restaurant and fatally shot him."

Another man broke his arm when he fell while fleeing the incident.

Have any further details been released?

The dead suspect's identity has not been revealed.

But law enforcement disclosed that they reportedly detained "a large number of witnesses," stating that "there is no indication of terrorism at this point." At least two victims were reportedly hospitalized, and were expected to survive.

Police said that a mother and daughter were shot in the incident during a birthday celebration. The mother, Natalie Will, was walking into Louie's Grill & Bar, to celebrate the birthday of her eldest daughter, Shayla.

Natalie Will and her 12-year-old daughter, Niah, were shot by the suspect —along with Shayla's best friend, Alex. No updates have been given on Alex's condition, but she's reportedly expected to undergo surgery on Friday.

Luckily, all are expected to survive. Natalie Will was shot in one of her arms, and Niah in her tailbone.

Louie's Grill & Bar was said to have been packed during the shooter's onslaught, with officers expecting to interview at least 100 people who were present at the time.

The perpetrator was reportedly a white male who wore eye glasses and ear protection during the incident. It's been called a random shooting.

Any gun control arguments yet?

Oh yeah, of course.

But with those directly involved, not so much — just the opposite.

Niah's father expressed his gratitude toward the unnamed armed citizen who killed the perpetrator, saying on Facebook, "To the good Samaritan that killed that monster I want to meet you and shake your hand and tell you face to face thank you for saving my daughter's and everyone else in that restaurants life. You are my hero sir."


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