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Meet the two armed citizens who stopped a 'potential mass shooting' at Oklahoma restaurant

Meet the two good samaritans who thwarted a "potential mass shooting" when the engaged and killed a gunman inside an Oklahoma restaurant. (Image source: KTRK-TV)

Law enforcement revealed Friday that two armed citizens were responsible for thwarting a "potential mass shooting" at an Oklahoma restaurant — not just one like initial reporting claimed.

What are the details?

When a lone gunman opened fire at Louie’s Bar & Grill on Lake Hefner Thursday, 35-year-old Juan Carlos Nazario and 39-year-old Bryan Wittle ran to their vehicles in the parking lot to retrieve their firearms so they could engage the madman.

The shooter managed to wound three people before Nazario and Wittle engaged him and killed him. Police believe the men's quick thinking action saved countless lives.

"They were able to shoot the suspect and put an end to a very dangerous situation. They stopped an incident that was very, very bad," Oklahoma City Police Captain Bo Mathews told ABC News.

"Thankfully the only person that is deceased is the person who was trying to harm others, and it looks like others are going to survive at this point. That's the best thing that we can hope for at this point," he added in comments to KFOR-TV.

Patrons inside the establishment agreed. Jabari Giles, whose wife and daughter were shot, thanked the good samaritans for their actions.

"Thank you. I think [they] saved some lives tonight. I think it could have been a lot worse," Giles told KOCO-TV.

What did the armed citizens say?

They were very humble when describing why they did what they chose to do.

"Just did what I was trained to do to neutralize the situation," Nazario told KOCO.

Meanwhile, Wittle told USA Today: "I just did what needed to be done to stop the threat. Nothing special. A lot of people would have done the same given the situation."

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