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Jailed man who robbed liquor store, got shot in shoulder by owner wants $2.7 million for 'injuries

A jailed man, who robbed a liquor store in Long Island, New York, and got shot in the shoulder by the store owner, wants $2.7 million for his "injuries," the inmate said in a lawsuit he filed from jail on his cellphone. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Shawn Harris didn't quite make it as a liquor store thief.

He pleaded guilty in November to petty larceny in connection with a 2016 liquor store heist in Long Island, New York, during which he apparently dropped two bottles of booze hidden in his pants before the store owner shot him, the New York Post reported.

Harris was sentenced in January to six months in jail, the paper said.

And now Harris is trying his hand at the legal profession, in a manner of speaking — but a future for him there doesn't look too promising, either.

Using his cellphone, Harris wrote up and filed a federal lawsuit from the Nassau County Correctional Center, the paper said — and he wants to be "compusated" $2.7 million for his "injuries" stemming from the liquor store robbery gone wrong.

But Harris may want to double-check the name of the owner who shot him, along with the name of liquor store in question.

What did Harris' suit say?

Harris detailed how he and another person stole from the store, starting in the “Hennesey [sic] and Patron section," the paper said.

He “removed 4 bottles of liquor and I put 2 bottles in my pants and walked to pay for the other 2 bottles and [the store owner] asked for I.D. and I told him I need to go to the car and get my I.D. and I went outside and Dropped the 2 Bottles,” Harris wrote, the Post reported.

“We was followed outside and the store owner pulled out a handgun and stated give me the bottles back,” Harris wrote, according the paper, naming the owner as Lan Dong Dong of Grapes & Grains in Baldwin.

Apparently, the store owner struggled with the men and tried to grab the keys from their vehicle’s ignition before he started shooting, the Post noted.

“During this the store owner shoots my friend and he confronted me outside the car and shot me also and I ran off,” Harris said in his lawsuit, the paper reported. “I was shot by Lan Dong Dong in my right shoulder and I did not receive medical treatment because I was scared of Getting Arrested ... so I did my own medical treatment.”

He added, “I want to be compusated [sic] 2.7 million dollars for my injuries," the Post reported.

Where to begin?

Apart from the problem of trying to get his lawsuit to actually stick, Harris faces the nagging issue that the incident occurred not at Grapes & Grains in Baldwin but at Newbridge Wine & Liquors in North Bellmore, the paper said.

And as you might expect, Lan Dong Dong isn’t the owner who shot Harris, the Post said, citing reports.

While Dong indeed owns Grapes & Grains, he confirmed to the paper that his store hadn't been robbed.

“I don’t know how he got my name and store name,” Dong told the Post.

(H/T: Bearing Arms)

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