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Lemonade company to pay fines of kids busted for selling lemonade at stands without permits

Image source: TheBlaze

Amid years of shuttered lemonade stands and dashed kids' dreams of making summers' worth's of pocket change from sales, Country Time is stepping in to foot the bill for fines incurred for selling the beverage without a permit.

And that's not all.

What are the details?

On Thursday, the company issued a statement on Twitter addressing such instances, writing, "Kids across the country are getting busted for operating lemonade stands without a permit. We're taking the lead to #SaveLemonadeStands by paying for kids' fines + permits this year. For every RT this gets we’ll donate $1 (up to $500,000) to help kids next year + beyond."

Country Time set up a promotional site to detail their incentive for kids operating lemonade stands, which you can view here.

According to their "Legal-ade" site, the child has to be 14 or younger and running a lemonade stand. The company will cover fines or fees up to $300 per child and has allocated $60,000 for such fines and fees. The program runs through August.

It would appear that Country Time has plans for the future, though, simply based on its above tweet, as it plans to fill a fund up with cash for retweets (up to $500,000) going forward.

Wait, kids are really getting into trouble for this?


In 2016, local government told a young California girl that she'd have to pay $3,500 in permits and building code upgrades in order to sell lemonade.

The internet helped her out with that one, though, and she was able to sell without fear.

In 2015, Texas officials told another little girl that she would need an operations permit, as well as one from the health department.

In 2011, law enforcement in Georgia shut down another stand, saying that the children operating it didn't have a business license or the required permits.

And in 2018, over Memorial Day weekend, police shut down a Colorado kids' lemonade stand over — you guessed it — a permit issue.

Not even celebrities' kids are exempt from such treatment.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld's children faced a stand shut-down when they, too, were operating a stand in the Hamptons. Worse yet, the Seinfeld children's lemonade stand's proceeds were headed for charity.

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