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Transgender teen star Jazz Jennings excited to finally get vagina: 'That’s some serious s**t, y’all'
Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen and reality TV star, posted a video to fans Monday proclaiming great excitement over finally getting “new genitalia” later this month. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Transgender teen star Jazz Jennings excited to finally get vagina: 'That’s some serious s**t, y’all'

Transgender teen and reality TV star Jazz Jennings posted a video to fans Monday proclaiming great excitement over finally being scheduled to get “new genitalia" later this month: “Like penis to vagina. That's some serious s**t, y'all ... I can't believe it. I'm gonna have a vagina!"

Jennings' "gender confirmation surgery" is scheduled for June 26, the 17-year-old said in the clip.

"I'm actually super excited for it," the star of "I Am Jazz" said on the video. "I am so looking forward to it. I've been ready for this my entire life."

Jennings — who was born a male but has been living as a female since the age of 5 — added that not having a penis anymore will present a disadvantage in one particular way.

“The one sad thing is ... peeing standing up is something really cool," Jennings noted on the clip. “I don't think I've appreciated it enough that I've been able to pee standing up … honestly when you wake up in the morning, and you're lazy as hell and tired, it's the most convenient thing to do. I keep the toilet seat up … and right when I go in I don't have to touch all that slimy juice underneath the toilet seat, and I just do it. And then, like, sometimes I don't even have to wash my hands if I, like, don't like touch anything. So, perf."

Here's the clip:

What's involved in Jennings' surgery?

Jennings will receive a vaginoplasty, in which the penis is basically turned inside out to create a vagina, physician Joshua Safer told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“The strategy is to maintain the blood flow and nerve endings so that there are still genitals that are going to work for intimate relations, including penetrative sexual intercourse," Safer — executive director at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai — added to the outlet.

More from Yahoo Lifestyle:

After surgery, a patient should expect some post-op pain for about a week, Safer says. She'll also need to use dilators — plastic devices that the patient puts in her vagina — to help expand her vagina and keep it expanded. “It has to be maintained like a pierced ear," Safer says. Recovery is variable, but Safer says most women can expect that they'll feel comfortable about three months after the surgery. Given that this is major surgery, there are some risks. Those include potential for significant blood loss and infection, nerve damage, damage to the urethra, which can interfere with being able to urinate, and accidentally creating a hole in the rectum. “These are all incredibly low likelihood risks, but they do exist," Safer says. Some women may also undergo a small revision surgery six to 12 months after the original surgery because they may heal in a way that's hard to predict, he says.

“One of the big issues now is that there is a relative shortage of surgeons who can do this in a high-quality way," Safer also told the outlet. “There's a lot of waiting. If we could get to patients any faster, we would."

What else do we know about Jennings?

  • Jennings' children's book — also titled "I Am Jazz" — caused a stir in 2015 when parents of some students at Mitchell Primary School in Kittery, Maine, criticized school officials for failing to notify them that their kids were to read the book. Superintendent of Schools Allyn Hutton said in a statement that the book was part of a lesson on “tolerance and respect."
  • Tonner Doll Company marketed a transgender doll in 2017 patterned after Jennings.
  • Jennings' book made headlines again in 2017 when a kindergarten student was reintroduced to classmates as transgender in a California public school, after which the teacher read two books about transgenderism to the class, one of which was "I Am Jazz." Parents, again, weren't happy.
  • TLC booted Derick Dillard from its “Counting On" show last year after he posted anti-transgender tweets, both blasting adults who “allow" children to choose transgenderism and criticizing “I Am Jazz" for promoting a “non-reality." Dillard noted that transgenderism is a “myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God."

Here's a clip of Jennings and the transgender teen's grandmother talking about, well, orgasms:

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