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Marjory Stoneman Douglas security monitors fired for not doing enough to stop Feb. 14 mass murder

Image source: TheBlaze

Two Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School security monitors have been dismissed by the school for failing to do enough to stop mass killer Nikolas Cruz during the Feb. 14 mass murder in Parkland, Florida.

What are the details?

According to WTVJ-TV, members of the Broward County School Board voted on Tuesday to fire security monitors Andrew Medina and David Taylor after they reportedly failed to do enough to thwart the mass killing at the school.

The board reportedly voted to remove the two from their positions without discussion.

At least 17 people were killed in the mass murder, and many more were injured after Cruz opened fire in one of the campus buildings.

According to investigators, Medina — also one of the school's former baseball coaches — said that he saw Cruz arrive on campus with a bag and later notified Taylor.

“I believe he made eye contact with me. I looked at him and he immediately made a right turn into that far east stairwell,” Taylor told investigators, according to WTJV.

Medina added that the school had a meeting about Cruz the prior year, noting "If there's gonna be anybody who's gonna come to this school and shoot this school up, it's gonna be that kid."

Did the monitor confront Cruz?

According to investigators, Medina — who was unarmed — did not confront Cruz after seeing him arrive on campus, and did not call a "Code Red" on the school, which would have automatically triggered a classroom lockdown and would have drawn police officers to the school.

Medina reportedly said that he did not do these things because he did not see a weapon.

Medina did reportedly radio Taylor, whom he told of Cruz's presence, and according to a June 1 report in the Sun-Sentinel, Taylor — who was also unarmed — hid in a closet during the killing spree.

“When [Taylor] was walking halfway down the hallway, he heard the shots and he ran right into a janitor’s closet that was right there,” Medina said. “Like, that’s what we’re — our training is go in, lock in, close all the doors.”

After the mass killing, Medina and Taylor were moved to other schools within the district.

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