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Gas station clerk comes to rescue of woman who'd reportedly been sexually assaulted, kidnapped

A gas station clerk may be the reason that a kidnapping victim is alive today. (Image source: KOVR-TV video screenshot)

A kidnapped woman may very well be alive today due to the heroic efforts of a gas station clerk who came to the victim's aid after she and her captors visited the station.

What are the details?

According to KOVR-TV, a woman who was purported to have been sexually assaulted and kidnapped hid in the gas station's bathroom with the clerk's phone to call police after stopping at the Waterford, California, store with her alleged captors.

The unnamed woman was able to keep herself locked in the bathroom until police arrived on the scene.

KOVR reported that surveillance cameras captured the moment when the woman went inside the store and approached Savannah Pritchett, the clerk, and begged for her help.

“She came in and was super calm, and she grabbed me and when she grabbed me she was very, very shaky, she was like ‘Please, please help me,'” Pritchett said, according to KOVR. “I saw in her eyes and how bad she was shaking that, oh no, she was scared. That poor girl, she was scared for sure.”

Pritchett said that the woman told her she had been kidnapped in Fresno, sexually assaulted, and noted that her purported kidnappers had plans to take her to San Francisco.

Pritchett handed over her phone and the unnamed woman went into the restroom to call authorities.

The alleged captors then reportedly entered the store and asked Pritchett what was taking the woman so long in the restroom. Pritchett told the suspects that the woman was having a menstrual issue and did not reveal that the woman had said anything about being a victim of sexual assault or kidnapping.

Stanislaus County Sheriff's deputies showed up a short time later, according to the surveillance video, and drew their guns on the suspects, who were eventually cuffed and taken into custody.

According to KOVR, "the four suspects face a long list of charges."

CBS News reported that the four suspects reportedly have ties to local gangs, and some of the charges against them include armed robbery, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

CBS reported that police said the men are due to appear in court in the coming days.

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