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Woman calls New York a 'literal nightmare' after what she saw crawling out of her drain

A couple in Brooklyn were surprised and disgusted by a baby rat that crawled out of their drain on Friday. (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot)

A couple in Brooklyn, New York, says they were left unnerved after seeing a baby rat crawl out of their drain.

Here's what happened

Bari Finkel and Alex Goulet said they noticed a baby rat crawling out of their drain in their bathroom Friday. While they were shocked and disgusted, they took some photos and posted them on social media.

The photos quickly went viral.

"He was pointing at the sink and I looked and I just saw the rat emerging," Finkl told PIX11-TV in New York.

"You see something like that in the comfort of your own home and it takes you back quite a bit," added Goulet.

"I don't love the idea that it went back down there," Finkel said about the rat crawling back into the sink drain.

"Hi a rat baby just came out of our sink??" read Finkel's tweet. "New York you're a literal nightmare?"

The first tweet had more than 6,700 retweets.

"It's a tradeoff for living in the city," said Goulet. "Occasionally you see a rat, and for us it just happened to be in our bathroom."

Here's a local news report about drain baby rat's visit:

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