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Mike Rowe says Americans are profoundly disconnected - here's why

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Mike Rowe said that there is profound disconnection between Americans, and it's this gap that drives the division in the angry discourse over politics.

'Frustrated people are talking... past each other'

Rowe was responding to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on his show about the widening gap between different classes of Americans.

"We've become slowly and inexorably and profoundly disconnected from a lot of very basic things that when I grew up, I was really connected to," he explained, "like where my food comes from, and where my energy comes from."

"A basic history, a basic curiosity, you know," he continued, "the things that fundamentally allow us to assume a level of appreciation that in my view is the best way to bridge those gaps."

"When we start to lose our appreciation for those things, the gap deepens," he added.

"I think there's great common sense that's still alive and well in a lot of people," Rowe explained, "and I think that as they look at the headlines, they're frustrated, and to be fair I think that people on the coasts are coming it with their own bias. And they're frustrated."

"And so a lot of frustrated people are talking really loud, past each other, and a lot of truths are inconvenient for a lot of people," he concluded. "And so it just gets noisy."

Here's a video of the podcast of Rowe's comments:

Rowe went on to explain that although this disconnection and lack of curiosity was widening the gap between Americans, it wasn't a cause for panic because the gap would always exist.

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