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Vox wastes no time trashing John McCain after his death. The backlash is brutal and swift.

Vox wasted no time smearing John McCain after his death. (William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

In a now-deleted tweet, far-left news website Vox wasted no time smearing John McCain just minutes after news broke that the longtime Arizona senator had died following a short, but courageous battle with brain cancer.

What did Vox say?

In a tweet commemorating McCain's political career, Vox inevitably sought to connect McCain to President Donald Trump, invoking McCain's 2008 presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, in the process.

Once users clicked on the story, it got even worse.

"The party of Donald Trump began almost 10 years ago to the day, when John McCain tapped Sarah Palin to join his ticket," Vox's politics editor, Laura McGann, wrote.

"It’s one of the most important moments of McCain’s career. He proved willing to empower a demagogue when he thought doing so would improve his political fortunes, exactly the sin so many of his colleagues in the Republican Party have committed since Trump won their party’s nomination," she said.

McGann later followed her story with a tweet:

What was the reaction?

The reaction to both Vox and McGann was swift. Vox later tweeted its tweet, however McGann's remained published.

The backlash continued after McGann tweeted about the vitriol she received for her story.

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