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Sex doll brothel opens in Italy — and establishment says it's 'booked out for weeks\

A sex doll brothel has opened in Turin, Italy, and the owners said it's "booked out for weeks." (JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Every so often people the world over arrive in Turin, Italy, and line up for a chance to gaze upon the famed shroud many believe covered Jesus Christ's body after his crucifixion.

Now it appears folks are heading to Turin and getting in line for a decidedly less noble purpose.

Their destination is LumiDolls Torino — a brothel featuring sex dolls, the Independent reported.

Located in a secret spot, the brothel will charge customers as much as 80 Euros (about $93 U.S.) for a half hour with the sex dolls — seven females and one male, the paper said.

How is business?

"We're booked out for weeks, save for a few small exceptions," LumiDolls told Italian Wired, according to the Independent, adding that it's received inquiries about hosting bachelor parties.

The sex doll brothel — the first of its kind in Italy — opened Monday, the Local reported.

But journalists got sneak peek at the operation prior to its opening, the Independent said, and they noted that customers can get "a mood-lit private room equipped with a bed, bathroom, and TV screen for watching porn."

The Local added that clients can pick dolls along with how they're clothed and the sexual positions in which they're placed. A session can last up to two hours after which the sex dolls are "subjected to a rigorous two-hour cleaning process," LumiDolls told the outlet.

More from the Local:

The Spain-based company opened its first "brothel" in Barcelona in February 2017 and has since opened one other location in Moscow. Its dolls, which it claims to be among the most realistic on the market, are also available to buy and can fetch up to nearly €2,000.

Other companies operate similar establishments in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

What else?

Brothels with human prostitutes are illegal in Italy, the outlet noted, although sex work itself isn't. However, those caught paying for sex can get fined, the Local said.

As you might imagine, there aren't laws on the books covering sex-doll usage, the outlet said.

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