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Officers practicing diving drill with mannequin get a whole lot more than they bargained for

A Rhode Island police dive team discovered an actual body during a drill involving a mannequin on Wednesday. Police noted that the man's death was thought to be suicide "by means of drowning." (Image source: WLNE-TV video screenshot)

A Rhode Island police dive team got quite a surprise when they turned up an actual body during a drill involving a mannequin.

What are the details?

According to the Herald-Tribune, the Warwick Police Department came across a human body while running a search-and-recovery drill with a mannequin in the Pawtuxet River on Wednesday.

Members of the dive team were searching for the mannequin when they discovered the body of a 55-year-old deceased male under a bridge in Pawtuxet Village, Rhode Island.

On Wednesday, Warwick Police Chief Stephen McCartney told the Providence Journal that law enforcement had tentatively identified the male, but would not release further details until they were able to notify next of kin.

McCartney added that authorities were not treating the man's death as suspicious.

On Thursday, Warwick Police Capt. Joseph Hopkins told the Providence Journal that they had identified the man as Carl Greenlund of Pawtuxet, and noted that Greenlund's death was thought to be suicide "by means of drowning."

The investigation “remains open,” according to Hopkins.

What else?

Kim Cadden, a local resident, told WLNE-TV, "That’s a crazy coincidence but it’s scary. Must’ve been scary for the divers too."

"They’re not expecting that," she added. "They’re looking for a dummy and they find the real thing."

Another resident, Mary Anderson, expressed her shock at the discovery.

"I've lived here since 1993, nothing like this has ever happened," Anderson said. "It's awful."

The station reported that police believe that Greenlund's body was not in the river more than 24 hours before it was discovered.

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