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Alan Dershowitz says Kavanaugh accuser had the upper hand - but here's how she lost it

Famed libertarian legal expert Alan Dershowitz said that Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser were extremely credible in their testimonies Thursday before Congress, but that Kavanaugh had more corroboration for his version of events. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Famed libertarian legal expert Alan Dershowitz sized up the personal credibility of  Christine Blasey Ford at the hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

'He made this remarkable comeback'

Dershowitz was speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday about the highly publicized hearings for Kavanaugh.

"When I watched her, I really thought she was extremely credible," he said of Ford, "and I had grave doubts as to whether he could win the credibility contest.

"But then he made this remarkable comeback and he testified in a completely compelling manner," he explained.

"So I think in the end there is a tie when it comes to personal credibility," he continued. "So how do you break the tie? I think one way is to look for corroboration and he has much more corroboration on his side."

"Now the best way to make sure that corroboration is accurate is for the committee to call the other witnesses and let the FBI continue its background check," he said.

"And I think in the end it will do him more good than harm," he concluded.

Dershowitz went on to decry the efforts of the female prosecutor who Republicans chose to question Ford during the hearing, saying that she was "incompetent" and didn't seem to go anywhere with her questions.

Watch Dershowitz's comments on the hearing below:

Republicans have indicated that their committee vote will continue on schedule, despite Democratic demands it be postponed for further investigation.

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