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Yet another female pro-life activist physically attacked on video: 'Oh, are you crying little girl?

Another female pro-life activist was physically attacked in Toronto, and police are investigating. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Yet another female pro-life activist was physically attacked in Toronto, and police are investigating, Global News reported.

Those who recorded video of the attack told the outlet it occurred near Ryerson University on Oct. 1 — the day after a male "roundhouse-kicked" a female pro-life activist in Toronto. Jordan Hunt, 26, faces eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5,000 in relation to that incident.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What happened in this latest incident?

As for the most recent incident, video shows an individual wearing a dark green jacket grabbing and knocking down a stack of pro-life signs then throwing a dolly that had been used to hold them upright.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The attacker then kicked the signs.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

And then threw what appeared to be a metal clamp that had been used to hold the signs together.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

That was just for starters.

The attacker then shoved pro-life activist Katie Somers, Global News said, before apparently reaching into Somers’ backpack, pulling out an object, and smashing it on the ground.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The shoving continued, with the attacker doing a threatening "chest pound" as a crying Somers tried to get away. "C'mon, let's do it!" the attacker was heard saying.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

No one appeared to make any meaningful attempt to intervene, but a presumably pro-abortion woman could be heard on video mocking Somers: "Oh, are you crying little girl? Did we hurt your feelings? I think we hurt her feelings."

Who is alleged as the attacker?

Somers is with Toronto Against Abortion, which alleged the attacker is Gabriela Skwarko, an assistant at Ryerson’s Social Innovation Office and a member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, an abortion rights group, Global News reported.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective declined an on-camera interview with the outlet, and Olson Crow — the group’s co-founder — said, “We have no comment. They have assaulted us multiple times and giving into their viewpoint and the way they’ve swung this is problematic and bad.”

Crow didn't provide any evidence that Toronto Against Abortion had assaulted members of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, Global News added.

Ryerson University didn't comment on the Oct. 1 incident, Global News reported.

What did Somers have to say?

“She kicked our signs, shoved them down," Somers told the outlet, describing the attack against her. "They fell down my leg, injuring me … And then I tried to run away while she picked up a metal dolly and threw it at me and then proceeded to shove me, wrestle me around by my backpack, and try to get me to fight her.”

Somers added to Global News that Toronto Against Abortion is pressing charges and intends to launch a civil case.

She told the outlet that members of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective have been cited by Ryerson for code of conduct violations because of violence at anti-abortion rallies, including one from March of this year. Global News said Somers showed the outlet a brief video of that incident.

Toronto Against Abortion on Wednesday posted a compilation video to YouTube of what it says shows "thefts, assaults, and harassment" by the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective.

“We believe that the escalation of violence against peaceful pro-life protesters is becoming a problem and would like it to stop,” Somers told Global News. "We don’t want our society to turn into a place where people are afraid to share their opinion.”

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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