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WATCH: Bill Maher diagnoses the major problem with liberalism, dismantles PC culture with scathing detail

Bill Maher diagnoses the left's major problem: political correctness. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Bill Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time," diagnosed Friday what he believes is a major problem within Democratic ranks and liberalism as a whole.

What did Maher say?

During a panel discussion, Maher lamented the current position of liberals and the Democratic Party. He said Democrats "should be doing better" considering how "awful" President Donald Trump is, but instead they're "losing."

The problem? Maher believes political correctness is to blame.

"I think people vote, not so much on policy anymore, I don't think they follow it closely, I think they vote on who's strong. They know Trump's an idiot, but he looks strong, and political correctness — weak," Maher said.

"Eighty percent of Americans see political correctness as a problem. And I think it’s our problem," Maher explained. "And I don’t know why more mainstream liberals don’t denounce the political correctness that they must know in private conversations is insane."

When asked to define political correctness, Maher cited the apology astronaut Scott Kelly issued this week after he was criticized for quoting Winston Churchill on Twitter.

"[Kelly] had to issue an apology for that for quoting Churchill because Churchill I guess Churchill lived by the standards of the 19th Century," Maher said. "This is the guy who saved us from the Nazis!"

"This is when the Trump people go, ‘Yes, you people are too fragile to be in control of the government,'" Maher acknowledged. "If you don't think these purists are doing us harm, I think you're missing a big point. I think they wake up and say, 'How can we make our club smaller,' and then they ask why they lose."

"Groups are only successful when they call out their crazies," Maher went on to say, explaining: "I mean, NPR will not use the term ‘homeless,’ people ‘affected by homelessness.’ I’m saying Trump people, independent people, just normal people not here on the coast hear stuff like that and they go, ‘You know what, I don’t know that much about policy, but you know, this is just too fragile. I can’t let these people in the Oval Office because they’re just too weak."

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