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Anderson Cooper makes a bizarre claim about the Honduran migrant caravan

CNN host Anderson Cooper said that there was absolutely no evidence that there might be some danger from migrants on a caravan from Honduras to American citizens.(Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

CNN host Anderson Cooper made a bizarre claim about the safety of the Honduran migrant caravan headed to the U.S. border through Mexico.

'There simply is no good evidence...'

Cooper was attempting to dispute the comments from President Donald Trump about the possible threat some of the migrants might mean to American citizens if allowed through the border.

"Now, keeping them honest," Cooper said, "whatever you may think about immigration policy and border enforcement, there simply is no good evidence the caravan is a danger to this country, imminent or otherwise.

"The president, as you know, has claimed there are 'criminals and unknown Middle-Easterners' in the caravan, he's also suggested that ISIS members could be in it," he explained.

"What he's never done is offer any specific evidence, and when pressed, he said this," Cooper continued.

"There's no proof of anything, there's no proof of anything, but they could very well be," said the president in the recorded clip.

Cooper keeps audience in the dark

Cooper neglected to inform his audience about the violence that has occurred as a result of the migrant caravan disobeying orders from Mexican law enforcement.

On Monday, it was reported that one migrant was killed in clashes between members of the caravan and police. Some migrants threw stones and bottles at police who tried to prevent them from continuing their trek.

Watch the Cooper comments about immigration below:

The president said Wednesday that he might order thousands more troops to the border to prevent the migrants from entering the United States.

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