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Trevor Noah gives absurd reason why comedians attack Trump and not Democrats

Trevor Noah attempted to justify the double standard comedians have in attacking President Donald Trump while ignoring Democrats. (Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Comedian Trevor Noah tried to provide a justification Wednesday for why comedians feel so compelled to attack President Donald Trump and ignore Democrats.

"Trump is the essence"

Noah, the host of the Daily Show, was speaking to Chuck Todd about comedy under Trump on MSNBC.

"I think that comedy, the best comedy, is informed by the truth," Noah told Todd.

"And so, if you are looking at the truth of the situation, what are you," he added, "what are going to do? Which Democrat are you going to speak about when they have no power?"

"Who are you skewering?" he asked.

"I mean, they have foibles here and there, but there is nothing tangible to speak to," he said of Democrats.

"Trump is the essence," he concluded. "The Republicans are the story right now."

Noah has been a frequent critic of the president and has used his show to mock Republicans.

Here's the comment from Trevor Noah:

"Any show built around satire is going to have a relationship with whoever is in power," he explained later in the interview.

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