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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ gets a whole lot of people in Hollywood to lie about voting in midterms

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" heads to Hollywood Boulevard, where everyone they spoke to voted — on the wrong day. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

The Monday episode of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" featured young people telling bald-faced lies about the midterm elections.

What are the details?

Staffers on Kimmel's show visited Hollywood Boulevard last week, where they asked passersby if they had gone to the polls and voted, and what their experiences were like.

Introducing the segment — aptly titled "Lie Witness News: Midterms Edition" — Kimmel said, "We went out on the street last Tuesday and we asked if people had gone to the polls and voted in the midterms that day. Of course, the midterms didn't happen last Tuesday, they happen tomorrow."

"And just to be clear," he continued, "the folks you are about to see are not early voters, or voters by mail — these are people who were falsely claiming they went to their polling place that morning."

The staffer on Hollywood Boulevard began asking people what it was like at their local polling place.

One young woman enthusiastically answered, "Not too bad actually, not as busy as I thought it'd be. [I waited] like, 30 minutes. Which is, I think, not too bad for a place like Hollywood."

A young man responded, "It was super busy. A lot of people were coming out, more people want to be involved in voting, so it was really, really cool to see that."

The staffer went on to ask others if they had to present identification at their polling place.

One young woman answered that she presented her driver's license, and used her student ID and a credit card for backup identification.

Hilariously, the interviewer approached a young man whom she asked, "Did you vote for Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, or president today?"

The young man answered, "Honestly, I voted for Supreme Court and the other ones, like, just because.

The interviewer also asked the people on Hollywood Boulevard whether they'd voted on several fictional propositions.

"Who did you vote for for L.A. Unified School District's Student Body President, Aiden or Kayla?" the staffer asked a young woman.

The young woman answered, "Oh my gosh, I think I voted for Aiden."

Anything else?

Oh yes.

Last week, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" visited the Arizona State Fair, where show staffers asked people at the fair whether they'd voted for one of two candidates during early voting — except the candidates that the Kimmel staffer named were fictional television characters.

The majority of fairgoers were sucked in, and pretended to have an iota of an idea of what's happening in Arizona.

In the video, the Kimmel staffer asked one woman, “You have a big election coming up here in Arizona on Nov. 6; will you be supporting Republican incumbent Dorothy Zbornak, or the Democrat, Blanche Devereaux?” Both women are characters on “Golden Girls.”

The woman claimed that she had participated in early voting via mail-in. The vast majority of people featured in the video said that they were voting for the fake Republican candidates.

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