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More than a dozen US Navy sailors busted for LSD aboard USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier

At least 14 Navy sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, were busted for alleged LSD abuse and distribution. (Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images)

More than a dozen U.S. Navy sailors who worked in the nuclear reactor department of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan have been busted in connection to LSD abuse, Navy Times reported.

Fourteen sailors are facing disciplinary action for possessing, using, or distributing the hallucinogenic drug aboard the Japan-based aircraft carrier, according to officials.

An additional sailor, who wasn't assigned to the nuclear reactor department, was also disciplined in the case.

What's the story?

Two sailors, who were charged with using, possessing, and distributing LSD, are headed to court-martial.

Three more are awaiting similar charges, 7th Fleet spokesman Lt. Joe Keiley told Navy Times.

Ten others received administrative disciplinary action for drug-related charges.

Keiley said the sailors, who are from a department with more than 400 personnel, were taken out of duty during the investigation.

“Out of an abundance of caution, Ronald Reagan leadership reviewed the work previously performed by the accused sailors and no improper work was identified,” he told Navy Times in an email.

Keiley has assured the news site that there has been no damage to the operations or reactors on the ship.

“Due to the defense in depth of the design and operation of the propulsion plants, the reactors aboard [the aircraft carrier] remain safe,” he said.

Who were the sailors charged with selling LSD?

Machinist’s Mate Nuclear 2nd Class Andrew W. Miller allegedly used, possessed, and sold LSD from January to February earlier this year.

And Electrician’s Mate Nuclear 2nd Class Sean M. Gevero was also charged with distributing LSD, along with other drug possession charges.

Three others may face similar charges, Keiley told Navy Times.

It's not immediately clear where the sailors were getting the drugs.

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