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Piers Morgan ridicules ‘blue wave,’ says Dems need a better 2020 plan or ‘Trump will drown them’

In an op-ed published Wednesday, English journalist Piers Morgan mocked the Democrats' "blue wave" and suggested that they better have a bigger and better 2020 plan in place if they want a chance at unseating President Donald Trump. (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

English journalist Piers Morgan laid into Democrats in an op-ed published Wednesday in the Daily Mail.

Morgan mocked the Democrats' "blue wave" and suggested that they better have a bigger and better 2020 plan in place if they want a chance at unseating President Donald Trump.

What did he say?

In the op-ed, Morgan said that he wasn't all that impressed with Democrats' hoped-for "blue wave" that would ideally have taken over the various branches of government had the midterm elections gone the way they intended.

Morgan wrote, "Blue wave? I've seen bigger political puddles."

"After two years of relentless and often demented celebrity-fuelled Trump-bashing hysteria, the Democrats sneaked back the House of Representatives with a swing of seats far smaller than the shellacking that engulfed incumbent first time Presidents Bill Clinton in 1994 or Barack Obama in 2010."

The two went on to be re-elected, Morgan noted, and compared the "resistance" to nothing more than a "lame peashooter" rather than a "row of cannons."

What's more, Morgan pointed out, is that the Republican majority in the Senate actually increased in the midterms.

Morgan warned that though Trump's profession of success was ridiculed on social media, Democrats should tread carefully with their celebrations.

Morgan pointed to the "record numbers of women and minorities" who were elected into the House, and the array of people elected to governorships.

So what's the problem?

Morgan warned that the "reality of these results" is that not much has changed to curtail the president's power and suggested that losing the House could actually benefit the president in the long run.

"Here’s why: many Democrats are now openly salivating at the thought of launching a full-blown assault on Trump with endless investigations and subpoenas to try to destabilise his presidency," Morgan wrote. "They want to go after him for everything from his tax returns to his cellphone use and connections with Russia, and now have far more powers to do so."

Which, according to Morgan, is precisely what Trump wants the Democrats to do.

"Trump loves a fight, and he particularly loves playing the victim of liberal efforts to demonize him — and Democrats should avoid playing into his hands," Morgan wrote, noting that Trump would turn such attacks into a "massive electoral asset," energizing his base in the process.

What to do, then?

Morgan said that Democrats simply need to be smarter "than just spending the next two years lobbing investigative bombs at Trump" because it will only backfire.

He also suggested that Democrats stop relying so heavily on liberal celebrities — like Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift, among others — and joked that Hillary Clinton found out the hard way that A-list celebrity endorsements don't necessarily equate an infallible win.

Morgan pointed out that while Trump himself is a celebrity, he's a "hard-nosed" businessman who knows what he's doing.

"[T]he Democrats are facing a quite unique opponent [in 2020]," Morgan wrote. "To take him on, the party needs a winning new message and someone who can deliver it in the same clear, repetitive, and hugely effective way that Trump delivers his."

What about Trump's promise on MAGA?

Morgan added that Trump has made good on his 2016 promise to "Make America Great Again" in many of his supporters' eyes.

"But whatever you think of Trump, these midterm election results prove that many tens of millions of Americans are buying into his mission and don't think he's doing too badly," he continued. "If the Democrats are to have any hope of beating him in 2020, then they have got to come up with a better plan than screaming 'Trump's a monster' or 'Oprah and Taylor say don't vote for Trump.'"

Morgan concluded his op-ed with a serious and decisive tone.

"But make no mistake: [Trump] won the midterms," he wrote. "If the Democrats can’t see that, or accept it, then Trump won’t just win again in 2020, he will drown them with his own brutal, uncompromising red tsunami."

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