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Dana Perino says Jim Acosta's colleagues are frustrated with his anti-Trump antics

Fox News anchor Dana Perino said that colleagues of Jim Acosta were frustrated by his anti-Trump antics. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Fox News anchor Dana Perino said Thursday that colleagues of CNN reporter Jim Acosta were frustrated with his spotlight-grabbing antics because they frustrated journalists' efforts to do their job.

'Arguing with the president doesn’t get you there'

Perino made the claim while speaking to Chris Wallace about the suspension of Jim Acosta after an altercation where he interrupted President Donald Trump and argued with him during a media briefing.

"I do know that a lot of Jim Acosta's colleagues are very frustrated with him," she told Wallace.

"They, of course, defend his right to ask a question," she explained, "but you know when he gets in the way of everyone being able to actually do their job and fulfill that mission, I think that's a problem."

In another part of the segment she said that Acosta was not furthering the cause of journalism with his actions.

"You know the White House press corps mission is to cover the White House, to basically chronicle the presidency, to explain the White House decision and decision-making," she explained.

"Arguing with the president doesn't get you there, and the president's been quite willing to take lots of questions from these reporters," she pointed out.

Wallace agreed with the characterization, saying that he thought Acosta embarrassed himself.

Watch the segment from Perino's show below:

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